Some days are, some minutes aren’t

Well I have discovered many, many years ago that some days are meant for writing and some days just aren’t.

But my friends, it goes much deeper than that.

I was driving down the road today, minding my own business, on the way to my place of employment and suddenly… BAM! Or damn?

My thought is “OMG I HAVE to write this down!”

Of course, I don’t actually think the acronym “OMG” but the effect was there, and a pencil was not. There was, however, the presence of slick icy roads and snow. By the time I had maneuvered my vehicle into the safety of its chosen parking spot, my “OMG” moment was utterly lost.

Which was ok, because I still didn’t have a pencil. I had plenty of pens at work and plenty of customers to accompany them. Needless to say, all I could do was try to remember what I wanted to write.

Anyway, flash forward drive home, dinner, some mindless hours of which went by in a blur of semi-consciousness (otherwise known as cleaning) and now here I am, at my computer, just ready and waiting. And waiting… and waiting.

It’s like waiting for the phone call of a long lost love, or something equally dramatic. But it’s gone, all but a name. Just one little name. And I sit by the keyboard just waiting for the rest to come back to me.

In one little moment one little name for one little character was born into the mind of a writer and it just isn’t anymore. It is quite the relief from having absolutely nothing to write and all the time in the world in which to do so.

But I mourn that character, at least until I come up with a new one and chances are, it’ll be just another persona of the other one because without it, I can’t continue my story. Maybe it’ll even be better!

Though even if it’s not, I know I’ll enjoy writing it.


As an after thought: I am still working on my site and should hopefully have some of my writing posted soon so you’ll be able to read the stories that are produced from this endlessly rambling mind I so lovingly call my own.


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