The healing power of music

I’m aware the title of this blog SEEMS as though it has nothing to do with writing but that is very untrue.

I use music as a tool, one of my most important, for my writing. It sets mood, whether it be happy, sad, sexy, fearless, even the purposeful effects of apathy can be achieved through listening to music. Something dull, preferably. The others vary a wide array of songs that some people may think I’m a little off my rocker to listen to. But they’re there.

My inspiration could be the sound of the music, the lyrics, a single word- a single note. Anything that gets me into that character’s head and out of my own. Hey, sometimes that is how I develop characters- based on how a certain song makes me feel. Once, I finished a story plot that way!

I make note of this because I am feeling very musical today, and because of this, I am at peak performance as far as writing goes for my week. I’m feeling more willing to put forth effort to get my word out there, and I’m still looking into getting a domain to actually allow my readers to, well, read my work.

So as I write, and I discover new ways to tell my story, I’ll be cranking that music up to ten (with headphones on- other people are sleeping! Though it works much better without the headphones…) and losing myself in my writing which is what breeds the very best of stories.

Have a good night, my friends


As an afterthought: According to recent studies and ongoing medical research, good music (the music the individual perceives as something that makes them feel good) lights up the areas of the brain that light up when one is on a cocaine high. Interesting, huh?


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