The last day of iffy-ness

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about my blog for awhile (since my last post, indeed) and I’ve realized that I am slacking off on my blogs, but not my writing which is good, but bad. It’s bad because I need to keep up with my blogs.

Good because at least I’m writing. I’m finishing the re-do of the sixth book in my series and having a blast with it.

But, I’m also feeling icky, blegh…. iffy. I don’t know if it’s the freakishly cold weather, new employment, less time to write or what- but I’m feeling down. I’ve been putting off my exercise even. And I don’t do that. I exercise every day for a reason, and I’ve missed two days this week. I won’t miss a third!

So I think, how can I incorporate this into my writing? I don’t know yet but I’ll think of something.

Now I just need to resist the urge to curl up in bed with my laptop and reread things over and over purely to avoid working out.  I make a vow this very moment that…

this will be my last day of being iffy.

I’ll start exercising regularly again, drink more water, and by golly… keep up with my blog! I did some editing work over the past few days too, I’m not doing too bad if I’m still working on my writing, but I need to seriously pump the accelerator if I plan to get an agent and get published.

Not to mention get fans!

So cheers to the journey that is my last day of iffy-ness :::holds up chocolate truffle to do fake champagne-glass clinking type cheer with the computer screen:::

Oh, the chocolate might have something to do with feeling iffy. I might just have to put this one down.

No wait, one more.

Now my journey begins 🙂



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