Is the end really the end? Not necessarily!

I have embarrassed myself and had much fun doing it. Never have I become part of a sudden following the way I have the last two days (regarding a show that canceled long ago, but “may” make it’s way back.) I never do this because 1. Things on the internet get blown up beyond proportion and I KNOW that. 2. I’m better than that. 3. I make myself look like an overabundant idiot. 4. I don’t just “jump in” until I know ALL the details and I didn’t research first, I just joined the crowd. Bad me.

But, it’s not all bad. I discovered what something used to mean to me, what it still means to me, how it affected my life and reemerged from my inability to enjoy and feel what I used to. With the added bonus that it has made me realize… that the end isn’t always the end. There will always be hope.

Of course, someone did have to point out to me how overabundant I was being.  Leading me to realize I was saying what has been said a million times, becoming overexcited about not just a passing comment and vague potential without real affirmation behind it- but that I was becoming overexcited about yesterday’s news.

But here’s how I have decided to learn from it: have faith that things will work out in one way or another, realize that I did in fact make friends in my overexcitement, and that sometimes… it’s not bad to be over excited. Live and learn.

Plus, it also made me realize that there is no end to learning.

How I have decided to pertain this to writing: You have written a story and fall in love with it, its characters, its story, its message. You end it and you find yourself sad because you’re done. Well, don’t stop. Just don’t stop. Keep writing, go on and make a trilogy, a series, short stories, anything. If it means so much to you, it will probably one day mean just as much or more to somebody else.


“You can never stop the signal”


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