Secret Agent Man….

Where, oh where are you, elusive literary agent man? (Or woman?) I have been searching for so very long… off and on… and now I need you, I want you, I’m calling your name (and for now, it is simply Secret Agent Man) so where, where are you, Secret Agent Man?

As you could guess, I am now actively in the process of searching for an agent. I decided to go the agent route, because (although they get a cut of my money those greedy people wanting paid for their work…) they know what they’re doing and hopefully won’t get me screwed over by a publisher like I have seen for others time and time again (Ok, Secret Agent Man, if you can do this, I don’t mind you getting a cut of whatever little I may or may not make.)

However, as time consuming and horrifyingly nerve wracking as it can (and will) be (trust me I’ve tried this before it’s no picnic) I am bound and determined to find one.  A good one. A decent one that will do his (or her) job and won’t screw me over. It happens very often. I don’t want it happening to me, I’ve been working on my series for twelve years now, and other than a 6 month respite and the occassional week or two off, I’ve written every single day of my life for 12 years (well more like 14), mainly on that series, and I’m in the process of redoing every single book (face it, not many want to read adult fantasy novels written by an inexperienced 14 year old. My new books definitely have a better flavor to them.) I have dedicated my life to my work and now I want the world to experience it. In order to do this I must find Secret Agent Man. If I try and deal with publishers myself I’ll end up in a pickle or some other bad place not deli food related (unless I get myself in a tomato, then that’s just messy.)

So wish me luck, and wish Secret Agent Man luck too, because chances are, he’ll either love or hate to deal with me 😉 But that’s a moot point until it happens, and even then all that matters is finding someone to have as much faith in my writing as I do. I guess that’s a good thing.



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