Cruel and Unusual Employment…

I saw an awesome t-shirt today that said “I suffer from cruel and unusual employment” and it had me in laughter, particularly that I was having a bad day at work and hey, face it, most of us feel that way.

It also got me thinking about what I could do for work to not suck so much (for lack of better ways to put it- I have worse ways, if you want. But not better…) and I know it is the general ideal that I have not walked forward in my career but backward, and I’m back where I never wanted to be. Unfortunately, most of us (even those miserable to hell) are unable at the moment to change their jobs therefore we must deal with it. So I have come to the conclusion that instead of trying to change what we cannot, do something on the side that alleviates a bit of the stress. For instance, while at work, I think about the scenes I need to write and usually have them figured out by the time I get back, or I think about what workout I’m doing this night. And whereas it may not be nearly enough, I’m still working on it.

Anyway, aside from my blog writing, I also have decided it’s time to share some of my writing, so I’ll do what I always do, post a poem while I work on a story to share. (Beware: My poems are often “angsty”, lol.)

(The back story to this poem was simply about a dysfunctional friendship that ended badly.)

False Friendship

Sweet and twisted, fancy thoughts

Infatuation holds no form.

It took no time before I forgot,

How easily I am overblown.

A sweet word here, a whistle there,

The world is perfect ’round.

Always in the wrong, always on the rocks,

Always did I hit the ground.

One long year, a long damned year

Open up my eyes.

One long year, a long damned year

Open up inside.

How easily words can come and how far they can go,

And what a soul will do to get so far and then just go.

And what a person goes through when he says, when she says,

They need a bit of time to straighten things out in their heads.

And riding all that time I think I cried, I wish I died,

Living in so much pain again, again, and then I tried.

I think everybody’s looking for anything that they can find,

That tells them they were right when they were out of their minds.

Situations happen, and you pretend and you ignore,

Suddenly you’re not finding your way so I am walking out your door.

Now I hear little whispers in the wind that say once more,

I was wrong again; I trusted yet a one too much more.

But that’s ok, because time has gone,

And the sky has slowly cleared.

Friendship must be worth the price it takes to be clear,

All the false worship, relationship talk that never made sense,

I just know it lasted too long this false friendship.

Maybe you took from it something good,

And I’ll tell you I did too.

Despite I was nothing but sad and honest with you.

I never led you on, I never lied to you.

What I said I didn’t know, I didn’t know and still do not do.

Tell yourself what you want, I’ll tell you this too,

I have some good memories, and I hope that you do too,

But I really don’t know what the hell I ever thought I was with you.

Hope you enjoyed the poem!


P.S. A little factoid- I’ve been writing poetry since I was eleven years old, and have over four hundred poems to this date.


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