Knowledge is Power

Well, it looks like the search for Secret Agent (Wo)Man is going to be harder than before, and it was no fun to begin with. Things are getting harder, more stringent, limited, and… silly.

It strikes me as silly, for instance, that I have to be wary of agents offering services to new writers, that I can’t take at face value what people say, and to put it simply- I have to know everything an agent knows in order to find a reputable one (that is not so, however, it’s more likely I’ll know a good one when I see one if I know what they do.)

It would be nice to find someone nice, helpful, trustworthy- and find them because they said they were nice, helpful and trustworthy. Hell, it would make it plenty easier- until I was screwed over completely.

The best advice I can find is to not take anything at face value and that saddens me, as wonderful and brilliant the idea of RESEARCH is (knowledge is power, people) I’m wary I’m going to go through the whole ordeal of researching and wear myself out only to get screwed over anyway. Perhaps irrational, the idea of research is the avoidance of getting screwed over, yet…

Anyway, as far as pitching and querying and the debates about blogs and editing and solicitations and advertising and so on, so forth continues… I have found one genuine truth in it all.

You will never get anywhere if you are not REAL. If you are not true to yourself, your work, and honest about both, nobody’s getting anywhere.  So stay true to yourself. Agents/editors/publishers aren’t fooled by fancy words and fake lingo- and you shouldn’t be either. Know what you read and know what you write.

And just be real.



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