Well, Here I Am… again.

And we applaud!

Why do we applaud?

Because wordpress.com let me sign in again, that’s why! I haven’t been on since May of 2011, and though I’ve tried to re-login a few times a couple months ago, for some reason it would not allow me to do so. Why? I don’t know. I figured it had been too long since my last login and it canceled it or something.

But, on a desperate attempt not to have to begin a new blog- I tried it one last time.

Of course, it made me download the newest version of Firefox first, restarting Firefox and my computer and so on, so forth- but then it worked! I’m super psyched!

Well, I’m shaking off my rusty blogger and giving it a go again.  Enjoy!

So I have made the major decision of a lifetime, the one to change all my writing tunes, my opinions and my ideology concerning publication and getting my writings read- I am going to self publish. Self E-publish, to be exact. Through Amazon.com. While I build up my plans to do so, I need to rebuild my blog, social networking, website, and begin a marketing plan. Because this time, I’m really going to do it. Yippee.

Beginning with wordpress.com, and continuing with my new author-based Facebook site:


Give it a check-out, it’s fairly blank at the moment, but please “like” it! I’m going to build it up and up and up and way up…

Just like all these ideas brewing in my mind. I think they’ll make it this time! Yay!

Off to bed, it’s late, and my mind needs the rest if I’m going to put it to work getting my book published! Ok, I lie, I’m going to spend the next three hours obsessively editing my book (again) and then I’m going to pretend to sleep, edit some more, and fall exhaustively to sleep about fifty pages from the end and wake up in tears because I couldn’t finish it all at the same time.

Good night 🙂



Follow my novel at:


My vlog channel:


My author page:


My blog page:




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