How to relieve stress in the most improper ways

Because “improper” is rarely wrong.

Ok, I’m going to say this outright. This is the second version of this post, because as I was attempting to “select all” (ctrl+A) and “copy all” (ctrl +C) my assurance that if I have to restart my browser suddenly I won’t lose my whole blog, my chihuahuador began to hump my arm and my finger slipped off the ctrl button and erased everything while I was trying to copy it.

But I suppose that just fits the topic, lol.

Ok, so I just finished publishing my super positive blog post called “Happy New Year” (for all of you who haven’t read it, it’s the one before this outlining what will happen when the alien zombies attack and eat our brains) and I decided it had been a long time since I’ve read my other posts, and I wanted to see how much I’ve changed since May 01, 2011 (the last time I successfully logged in to before this month.) So I began to reread them all. Turns out, I’ve changed quite a bit. Quite a bit indeed.

It seems I was in a somewhat (kind of) better mood then, at least compared to tonight’s mood (yowsers). Which benefited me in the insane way of which rereading those previous blogs put me in a better mood, and I decided to write a better blog. One with some positivity (I’ve been listening to Phil Collins, Kiss and other such stuff to put myself in a good mood the last few hours. Hasn’t worked. Don’t pay too much attention to the artists themselves, it was mostly just cheesy 80’s music I was looking for a good mood within.)

Anyway, now that I managed to find my good mood and some positivity, I managed to realize the biggest lesson I’ve learned in this past crazy-ass year was simply this: The best ways in which to relieve stress. Most of these, in one way or another, I’ve been told are not considered entirely “appropriate” or “proper” so I leave it to your sound judgment whether or not any of these 10 stress relievers might work for you or your health. They did for me.

1. Start a maximum body performance exercise routine such as P90X (or Insanity, if you’re insane)

2. Change jobs 3 times (maybe 4)

3. Start a blog in which to put all your focus, energy and sarcasm into (and don’t be afraid to blog realistically and about other people)

4. Go to a concert with a coworker, and/or a coworker and your manager (the harder the rock, the better)

5. Fuck a Senior Airman (the more often, the more stress relief, trust me on this)

6. Take sexy photos (don’t post them on facebook unless they’re really good)

7. Organize your entire living space (I wouldn’t suggest overdoing this one)

8.  Learn to make chocolate coconut bon bons  (overdo this one a lot)

9. Don’t eat a tea mixture that looks and smells like tropical trail mix (it doesn’t taste that way)

10. Learn to enjoy the little things, find love and companionship whenever you can, and find meaning in everything you possibly can.

So, while I’ve been dealing with a lot of shitty things too, around every corner, these things, in one way or another, have kept me going. Using # 10, I have kept a secret and special place in my heart for all the above mentioned happenings. So even though I don’t know what the future holds for anyone, or what the next few months are going to bring, I will always, always hold a fondness in my heart for Moroccan Mint tea, Rick Astley, and Toyota Tacomas.

And I’ll always hope for the best, for everyone.



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  1. Anyone who likes Rick Astley is unique and I like them for that 🙂

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