Chihuahuadors and Chocolate

My Beautiful Chihuahuador Jezzie

My Beautiful Jezzie!!!

And as we know, never give a Chihuahuador chocolate- Chocolate makes dogs sick! Now that THAT disclaimer is out of the way…

So here goes, there’s been a few tiny happenings, first and foremost- I LOVE maple-glazed gluten-free donuts. (There’s  A LOT of hyphens in this post so far, sheesh)

I’m finally getting my poor Chihuahuador fixed (My poor baby. She’s still sick, and this will fix that. And considering how tiny she is, and how much she likes the neighbor’s giant ass Rottweiler- I think we’re all better off if I get her fixed.) So I’m grateful that this should fix her- I’m nervous because my little baby has to get surgery 😦

Also, let’s see… oh yes.  School plans are underway and looking good, my new job finally came through, and it looks like I’ll be able to keep it through school too, I’m almost done editing my book (hell, having a foreigner read my book and give me feedback is super helpful, actually. There’s nobody better to point out mistakes in your English, in grammar or what does and doesn’t make sense, then someone who is learning it afresh.) So I wish to say a big thank you to my friend in Italy, even though she doesn’t read my blog.

What else? Uh… Ooh! Right. I just set up my ownYouTube video channel! StaceyKatheryn… though you probably won’t find anything if you look me up…

If you are reading this post fairly soon after it is written, there are absolutely zero videos up right now. I plan to start (finally) my own video blog.  If you’ve known me longer than this blog has been up, I’ve been talking about blogging/video blogging (vlogging, haha) for a long time now. I figured hey, I finally got this blog up, I can get up a vlog too! If I get the nerve, haha. Which I will.

No, really.

Anyway, so I’m enjoying writing fantasy fiction more than ever right now because it gives me a chance to ignore the fucked up things I’m not blogging about, and put those emotions into my writing,making for fantastic writing and leaving just leftover quirkiness and positivity (ahem, mostly) to share with all of my favorite readers!

So, I feel like I’m forgetting something. What is it?

Wow, I have restarted this sentence three times. What is up with me tonight? Maybe I just haven’t had enough caffeine today. Then again, it’s almost midnight, I pity the fool who tries to recaffeinate at midnight. That is the stuff of video blogs, not written blogs.

Oh, yes, the moral of my story. Eventually, things do get better. As I recently learned: Patience is a wonderful teacher.

Oh right, and…. I NEED CHOCOLATE!

Given the choice, I almost resent choosing the maple donut over the chocolate donut. But tomorrow I get food money, so I can buy as many chocolate donuts as I want. But even since I ate that oh-so-yummy maple donut, I’ve been craving the chocolate one I can’t have. Oh, my life is so disastrously void of chocolate! Whatever to do!!!

Thanks for reading!

Oh and by the way, the reason I’m finally getting up the nerve to actually want to video blog again, because to be honest I’d kind of given up on the 2-year-long idea, is due to this awesome person’s video blog I’m currently addicted to. Not SUPER addicted to, like chocolate, vodka, Chihuahuadors and caffeine, but- oh what the hell, I’ve been watching her videos every night before bed, I think that puts it up there with my other favorite vices. Anyway, her name is Jenna Marbles and check her out at

A Presto! (As my Italian friend says)



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