Me Time


So here’s what I am- done. Done with trying to find the “deeper meaning” in life, romanticizing it, waiting and hoping and wishing on a star. I’m tired of waiting for things to change and knowing that chances are, they won’t. Not without a little nudge.

I’m tired of waiting on others to change, more accurately. Because they aren’t going to. If I want to implement some kind of change in my life, I have to start with myself. Because I can’t rely on others, I just need to take initiative and change things and move on.

Which, indeed, is what this whole school thing is all about. I have my acceptance letter hung up on my wall. I’m so excited! This will be the change I need, a chance to better myself and start a career, and finally have something I can truly call my own.

So, as these next few months roll on by, I’m focusing on myself, and giving myself some serious “me” time, and giving my life a makeover.

I’m a student!



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2 responses to “Me Time

  1. Good job!!!
    love, Your Big Sister

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