Unexpected Surprises

From babies (not mine) to out-of-the-blue-totally-unexpected-uplifting-comments to sudden (good) changes in career and beneficial decisions (as opposed to the O-M-G-My-Life-Sucks-Even-Worse-Now decisions) to- yeah I could keep going. Sometimes, life is good.

Today I had somebody compliment me out of the blue. A person I would probably never have expected a genuine compliment from. And it wasn’t a “Oh you look nice today” type compliment, it was a genuinely uplifting “You’re really good at what you can do and I have faith in you” type compliment. Wow.

On the decision of my career change (from roast beef slicer to server to healthcare geriatric care [again] to deciding to go to real college and becoming a Massage Therapist!) I’ve gotten mixed reviews. “You can do its” and “Good jobs” and “Keep the faiths” when I’m questioning it, and some “You shouldn’t do it you should go back to slicing roast beefs” and “You’re not going to make its” and “You’re not going to graduates”. It’s been a roller coaster.

But I think this one unexpected compliment is something I’m going to cherish forever. Because the person who made it really does know what I’m capable of, and she trusts that I can do it as a career, support myself through it, enjoy it, and most of all… SUCCEED.

And, mind you, I do make a lot of comments regarding “making a living” and “career” etc. But I do know that success is not measured in denominations, but how hard you work toward your personal goals. And to have somebody who I really care about, yet only doles out probably one or two compliments a year, to compliment me in such a way- means the world to me.

So remember this: What you say (or write) can make a world of difference to somebody, and you may not know it. Either in kind, or in negativity, your words can have a bigger impact on somebody (or more than one somebody) than you could possibly imagine. So make your words good ones.

And know that for every person who doesn’t think you can succeed, there are twice as many people who think you can, and it truly boils down to one thing- do YOU believe you can succeed? Commit yourself, work hard, and that answer will be… HELL YEAH!



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