Setting Up My Web Cam- Written Version 2

And contrary to my Chihuahuador’s belief- she isn’t actually “helping” in the strictest sense. Luckily, she’s gone off to play elsewhere for the moment.

I’m taking a break from the perilous task of plugging in a microphone to gear up myself (and heat up my coffee) in anticipation of figuring out how exactly this software I found to record video from web cam works. I’m afraid. I should be afraid. This is what I was afraid of. Having to learn new software!!

And slipping off that desk. However, until my headset is needed- and it only will be for skyping in the future, not for this task- no further work is needed behind the computer. The dusty, cobwebby computer- when was the last time I cleaned this thing??

Don’t ask.

I’m wondering three things now in my three-hours-of-sleep lethargic funk- 1. When the hell is my coffee going to be done? 2. How long is it going to take to learn this new program? And 3. Should I record anything looking as horribly tired as I do? I don’t know. I think those decisions are best left up to the sound judgment of thick organic espresso.

More as events unfold.

P.S. Question number 4. Why does my computer’s dictionary not recognize “Chihuahuador” but it DOES recognize “cobwebby”? Is “cobwebby” really a word? I’ll have to look it up in a dictionary I actually trust.


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