Setting Up My Web Cam- Written Version 3

“I just wanted to read my Kindle… that’s all I ever asked for!” As a fake invisible tear slowly drips down my exhausted cheek.

The coffee is in the gut! And the web cam program awaits my return. I have to fight the feeling that this web cam appeared when it did in the mail solely to interrupt my private time with Jacki (my Kindle, silly) and much needed rest. But that’s not true. It arrived when it did because it’s excited to meet all of you!

Or to torture me on how to figure it all out (sometimes things you buy from don’t always come with instructions. Worth it, however, considering buying it from amazon saved me almost 40 dollars.) Now you would think a simple, “duh, plug it in and turn it on” would do. Not when you’re planning to record. “Just hook it up and record directly to YouTube!” Not my style. I want it saved to my computer and edited before I look like an idiot in front of my friends.

So what to do, what to do? Continue this adventure. I have refueled, I’m ready to continue. What will the next few moments bring?

More as events unfold!


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