Setting Up My Web Cam- Written Version

Why won’t this plug in?? It’s universal!!! It should fit!! There is no difference between this and every other thing that plugs into this….. thing! Whatever this thing is, it should plug in! They’re the same color, right? Check. Made for a PC, right? Check. Made for the right operating program right? Check times three. Why won’t it fit??

Oh, it’s turned the wrong way. Nope. It’s not. Wait. ::jiggles it:: Nope. ::Glares at it:: That doesn’t help either. “Why won’t you fit!!??” ::Crawls all the way on top of desk, perches vicariously on the edge of slippery desk in even more slippery socks, bending and twisting like a contortionist to ensure there isn’t something absolutely obvious I’m possibly missing:: Nope. It should fit.

Why won’t it??

::Studies it:: “Nope you’re the right one.” ::Perches on desk like a parrot, moaning at sore muscles and studying the plug-in again:: There is no reason this shouldn’t fit. “What is wrong with you stupid thing??”

:::Jams it in the plug- goes halfway.:: “Whoops, did I break you? No. There’s wiggle room. That’s because you’re only half in. Well… shit.” ::Takes it out and carefully inserts it into hole, losing grip halfway through due to slippery socks slipping off slippery desk:: “%*#$!”

Finally, leaning over my computer balanced on top of it carefully on my belly, using unnecessary “oomph”, it inserts completely in, as intended by the manufacturer.

And that, my friend, is the correct way to install the external microphone to your web cam. (The web cam installment itself was uneventful- it plugs into the USB, and the USB is located conveniently in the front.) And this plug-in couldn’t be so convenient why?? To make silly people like me look sillier, that’s why.

More as events unfold.


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