Simplicity is in the Eye of the Coffee Cup- Web Cam Saga 4

Ok, so I turn on the program, hit two buttons and there I am. Simple, effective- awake! I realize the microphone is working by a little diagram on the screen that goes up and down and from green-to-yellow-to-red as it reads the sound and tells me I’m too loud (I’m shouting directly into it just to turn it red- it’s kind of fun! For uh, testing purposes, I mean.) Ha. Ha. My technological illiteracy has once again sufficed for my needs!

Now here’s a few decisions I need to really focus on.

1. WHAT in the world do I do about the 6 ultra-bright LED lights fixed to the web cam to allow for night-vision, that I had mistakenly believed could be turned on and off at will, only to find myself completely blinded every time I look at it? There really is nothing I can do. Plus, I need more light anyway. Decision taken care of. Try not t squint.

2. BACKGROUND. I have studied video and film making enough to know that you want something subtle, distinct, and not too eye-catching in the background. You don’t want BLANK, you want personality, but you can’t have it cluttered. Right now my scenario is clutter/generic pieces of white paper tacked to white wall with scribbles of notes regarding my novel. The most interesting scribble of which reads “holy fucking potatoes!” (A quote I need to remember to insert, also the set-up for a chapter. Long story. My niece asked about it too. She thought I meant to use it as a chapter title. I told her it would make a funny chapter title, and she burst into laughter.) So… decision: Chose 1 wall piece to initiate subtle visual stimuli. If I had a picture of Jezzie my Chuhuahuador, I might use that. But I don’t. And with how intent she is on helping me slowly type this through claws and gritted teeth against the pain she is causing me with those claws- I may just tack her up.

3. Make-up, hair, clothes? My mother says I am the most “vain” of the family (she did not mean it in a mean way, she means it in the way that I am more particular about my appearance than most others. Including clothes and make-up. And I tended to disagree with her until she brought up the point one day when I turned around and drove back home in my car, making myself late because I noticed in the rear-view mirror that my black hat and grey/blue shirt in the greyish winter sky washed out my hazel eyes and I needed to put on some blue eyeshadow to bring the blue out in them again to match the blue in my shirt and push aside the grey, because I hate grey….) Anyway I’m off topic. I need to look good and not washed out. So makeup, hair, and I need to drag in my lamp because unfortunately, my corner is not bright enough and those blinding LEDs just don’t work well enough.

Ok so that’s all for the moment. Me and my bleeding clawed arm will continue on as I go. Hopefully, one of these nexts posts will include a short video for demonstration!

More as events unfold.


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