Rockin Robin

I wish I could come up with some kind of inspirational inscription for you all to cherish (or read and discard of your own desire) however, I have caffeinated myself with organic green tea and B vitamins, which strangely puts me in a grander mood than regular coffee, organic or not, and am enjoying myself by listening (and dancing to) Rockin Robin, by Bobby Day. “He rocks in the tree top, all day long, hoppin’ and a’boppin’ and a’singin his song, all the little birds on jaybird street, love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet” How can you not sing and bop along?

There is something to be said for the golden oldies- or as I call it, music I grew up with and have loved since day one of my existence. The post-WWII era be-bop, happiness in musical notation variety, high school love and subtle innuendos, beats that get you moving no matter what mood you happen to be in. At The Hop, Splish Splash, Great Balls of Fire.

Then there’s the soul and R&B of the glory days, music that hits you in the heart and keeps digging in, in such a beautiful way, the smooth rhythms, deep vocal tones to match the wondrous bass so touching and so beautiful you close your eyes and relish in the lyrics that make you feel so in touch with life, the way life should be. Stand By Me, Drift Away, even Mustang Sally.

The girl groups (also known as Motown), so gorgeous and freeing to the woman’s soul, regardless of race, there is something incredibly empowering about women getting together, getting up in front of a crowd in a still as-yet male dominated world, and singing their soulful hearts out. The fact that they were black in a white dominated world during a very racially suppressed time, makes it even more admirable. Heat Wave, One Fine Day, Leader of the Pack.

Even the gritty, deep sounds of bluegrass, sometimes laced with humor, sometimes laced with deep tones and lyrics. Beautiful and moving no matter which way you look at it. King of the Road, A Boy Named Sue.

Needless to say, half the time when I’m in the car alone, I’m listening to the Oldies station. Which, by now, plays songs not just from the 50’s and 60’s, but 70’s as well. I can forgive that, saying that I love what I will always consider classic rock (70’s.) Accepting that songs of those years are now considered oldies only forces me to accept the years gone by. However, to ME, and MY opinion, Oldies will always be 50’s to late 60’s.

I’m not entirely sure the reason for this blog, except that I woke up drawing inspiration from these songs, and thought I would write about it before the expectations of my day begin to close in on me.

Speaking of expectations: Do I have the guts to make another vlog today? I have received zero response from the last one (haha, honestly expected.) I just need to persevere and make more, ahem, not so idiotic videos. Not bad for my first video considering I was babbling for over an hour and so tired I felt ready to, well, take a nap. But honestly, if I want to find some way to promote me as a blogger, writer, entertainer, and promote my book of which I plan to publish soon… I need to up my game.

I.E.- not be afraid to actually PROMOTE myself, rather than blog, vlog, not market and expect my blogging to independently take it upon itself to market itself.

There’s a lot to be said for hard work. And that’s the only way this is going to work.

Whoops, expectation is creeping up, I can smell it. Better end this blog and hope for the best!


“The only one who could ever reach me was the sweet-talkin son of a preacher man!”


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