And The Award For “Worst YouTube Video” Goes To…Me!

I wouldn’t necessarily call it the “Worst”. Perhaps “One of the Least Audible”

I’ve heard from wonderful and appreciated feedback that my very first YouTube video was only half audible. All the LOLCats in the world can’t keep a viewer watching a soundless video. It seems only the second half could be heard, when I was close to the microphone.

I say “it seems” because my computer plays it just fine, with the beginning being a tiny bit soft and the second half being wayyy too freakin loud (crappy equipment, not much I can do to fix that just yet.) Which is why I am so damn grateful for the feedback, or else I would be releasing another inaudible video.

So, those who have seen my first video- don’t fret. They won’t all suck. And in the next one, I’m wearing braids!


P.S. You can now follow my novel at ! Every week I’ll post a little bit more of it in preparation for my soon-to-publish! Gimme feedback! Right now is just the initial description. Next week? Chapter 1 😉


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