Taking Back… Me

So, I had a wonderful conversation with myself in the car today. I spoke to myself about taking seriously things that are said just to harm me, harass me, or by negative individuals who don’t necessarily mean to harm me, but whose words paint nothing but their own negativity and insecurity.

During my nice little self-pep talk, I told myself that it was ok to not take some things seriously, I did not have to let those things sink into my thoughts and become a reflection of the way I perceive myself. That no matter how hurtful, scary, angering, or disheartening those words are, I do not have to accept them, I do not have to allow them into my heart, and I do not have to allow them into my soul.

I don’t have to riddle my thoughts with drops of acidic negativity just because somebody told me something untrue, something terrible, something insecure or negative. I don’t have to let it affect me or what I do.

I also spoke to myself about how I know what’s best for me, that my decisions are mine and I should not allow others’ opinions to alter my decisions because that is when they falter and fall apart. That I am doing what’s best for me, and only I know what that is.

I assured myself that even though it hurts, those words spoken in such a wry sense of affect don’t have to define me. I can accept what they say as their opinion- not mine.

Not mine.

So, all my beautiful people, the next time somebody says something that makes you down, please, just ask yourself, is what they said really worth altering your opinion of yourself?

Don’t allow what others say to change you. You’re stronger than that.



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6 responses to “Taking Back… Me

  1. Here here! Remember, most people only know a fraction of a fraction of a percent about you as compared to how much you know about yourself. So if you like yourself, that’s good enough for you, and everyone else can bugger off, because they frankly don’t know anything.

  2. Sometimes it’s fun to take an inappropriate criticism and play with it – exaggerate to the point at which it’s obviously silly! It can help you see that the remark was silly from the beginning.

  3. An amazing article, thanks for the writing.

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