Why Do I Reread My Emails… A Hundred Times?

Ok, I have this fantastically annoying habit. I reread my emails.

Wait, you say. So do I. Everyone rereads their emails!

No, you don’t understand. I mean, I reread them a lot. I write them, and then I reread them to proof them, then when I am POSITIVE they’re correct, I reread them again. And again. And again.

THEN I send them.

THEN… I open them in my sent folder.

And I reread them again. Even though they are sent, and it would be too late to fix anything that needed to be fixed. I still reread them. Over and over…

I figured out why, at least partially.

I want to make sure that I included everything, and I want to try and determine the impact of my emails, as I try and read them as if I was an outsider. I do the same thing with anything I write, in fact. It could be bred from years of editing and reediting my novels. It could just be that I’m ensuring accuracy, or who knows, really. I think it has a lot to do with me having a lot to say, and I want to make sure I said it the way I intended.

But that still doesn’t explain why I read it AFTER I’ve sent it, as if it’s a novel or a book I want to reread over and over.  And it isn’t just emails, it’s anything I write. A Facebook post, a letter, a novel, an IM, a text… you name it, and I’ve reread it close to thirty or forty times.

I suppose I might figure it out in the hundred of times I reread this before AND after publishing it. Who knows, maybe I missed something.

Anyway, I’m ending this pointless blog post, just chosen to take up space in my calendar of posts. I’ll probably go into it a bit deeper later on, analyzing human quirks as I love to do so much, but my wrist needs a rest, as I’ve written about twenty pages tonight, and it’s complaining.

So, good night, have sweet dreams, and we’ll talk more tomorrow!



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