Careful What You Wish For

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks complaining about not having enough hours at work. Well, the phrase “careful what you wish for” totally applies to me at the moment.

I just got off my second 15 hour overnight shift in a row. Thus the reason I have not had time to write my blogs, and I apologize, for that. I owe you guys some awesome blogs. But I have not even touched a computer recently.

I spent the last 9 hours in the hospital with a client, and I must say, my observations around the place will make for a great blog, when I’m not too tired to write one. So I’m ending this with the promise of a great blog tomorrow, and extra pictures onΒ Have Some Laughs tonight. Thanks my friends πŸ™‚



(P.S. How many times did I write the word “blog” in this blog?)


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One response to “Careful What You Wish For

  1. yep, what I wished always became true, and it was always more true than I wished..

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