Peeved as a Pet

I have a love-hate relationship with pet peeves. Part of me hates it when people write about their pet peeves, and the other half of me believes that people talk about their pet peeves to get out their aggravations in avoidance of bottling them up and letting them spill out in dangerous ways. Sometimes, it’s just whining. In this case, the former would be accurate.

So I’m going to tell you what my three main pet peeves of my week have been.

1. Inconsiderate Drivers

Here’s a couple of instances in the past three days that make me focus on this topic today.

The other day, I am driving along, going home from work in midday and pass up a sight that made me terribly sick. To begin, I must tell you this: In our neighborhood (well, around the whole town, actually) is an awesome hippy-ish middle aged guy in a manual wheelchair who wheels around all day, in shorts and a t-shirt, having a good time being bitter at the whole world. I’ve spoken with this gentlemen before. He’s a great guy with terrific road sense.

Well, I’m driving along and I see him “driving” by in the opposite lane, (I also must point out that all courtesy laws which apply to cars on the road also apply to any pedestrian on the road as well) minding his business and following the rules of the road, including going with the flow of traffic. Normally, he will pull over to let an impatient car pass him, but there was no place to pull over. I notice a car literally TAILGATING him. It was practically bumper-to-wheelchair. The type of tailgating that only the biggest bastards on the road would put their and your life in danger by doing. This old, angry, impatient man in this silver sedan was tailgating a crippled man in a wheelchair!! If that wasn’t bad enough, the old bastard in the car decides to pass him! It was a no passing zone!

I was sickened. Of course, I cheered when the wheelchair man stopped and gave the man in the car the bird. But I couldn’t believe my eyes. That, and the car nearly hit me trying to pass the guy in the chair.

I could only imagine what it must be like to be confined to a wheelchair for your entire life, but to have to deal with things like this, it’s heartbreaking. I admit, if I were following the guy going 2 or 3 miles an hour in a wheelchair while I was in a hurry would be a little on the… infuriating side. But I wouldn’t have tailgated him, or acted like I jerk. I would have understood that at that moment, he had nowhere but a ditch to move out of the way. I could be patient for that.

Another couple of incidents include being pulled out in front of by a cop not paying attention and having to come almost to a stop (then getting glared at by said cop) and a truck not bothering to let us know he was turning until he slammed on his brakes and started his turn and we had to slam on our brakes. We came within a foot of that man’s bumper, going fifty miles an hour. My heart still pounds to think of it. Long story short: don’t be an idiot when you drive, be considerate that you’re not the only driver on the road, and that includes those on the road in or on something non-motorized. Plus, please turn on your blinker BEFORE your turn, not DURING or AFTER it.

2. Inconsistency

If you’re going to live by a principle, have a belief, or act a certain way, stick with it. If you’re going to make promises, keep them to the best of your ability. And boundaries are important. If you’re not consistent, you have no boundaries, and you’re opening yourself and others up to all sorts of disapointments and hardships. If you have to break a promise, a belief, a code, a behavior or anything of the like- have a good reason and be man enough to admit it.

3. Scammers

I’ll put it simply. Scammers are illiterate fucks who don’t deserve to have decent lives. Those scammers who prey on the elderly deserve to be dragged out onto the street and shot. I know of a man who scammed an elderly woman with dementia out of 500,000 dollars in the name of a special “sweepstakes”, going as far as to befriend her to the point of convincing her that he was her boyfriend. I would say I don’t have words. But I do. And I won’t allow myself to sully my blog with them. I’ll just stick with what I said above, with the added exclamation of, what is WRONG with some people??

Anyway, I’ve had my bit of say. I have a funner post planned for tomorrow 🙂 Have a good day!



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