Slightly less than unconscious

Well then, all right. I didn’t know how this week could possibly be more exhausting then the last- then again, I hadn’t lived this week until I was through with last week, and now I regret this week began.

I will, however, define the last three days as writing brilliance (or should I say two and a half days by now). I have written 45,000 words of a new novel in that time and it is turning out rather fantastically. Delving deeper into the world of my Werewolf characters than ever before, and realizing their world is honestly just as scary as the humans and vampires think it is.

Also battling my back and its flare up, an upset stomach and the return of my cold, it’s made the exhaustion that much less bearable. And this post isn’t going to be my best one, but it’s something to make you yawn while I go sleep.

Remember: If you feel the urge to write, get it down. If I hadn’t started writing down some notes on this new piece, I would never have started it, and that is usually how all my novels begin!

Have a good night!



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3 responses to “Slightly less than unconscious

  1. Wow, 45,000 words in three days? You are a machine!

    Always nice to meet another fantasy writer (I’m assuming it’s fantasy with the werewolves and vampires, but if it’s not, please correct me!).

    I’m also writing about werewolves. They’re so fascinating, aren’t they?

    Oh, and zombies too. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing; I feel ashamed that I haven’t written more in the past week, and shame is as good a fuel as any to write.

    • Indeed! Yes it is fantasy, my favorite genre to read and write (though I dabble in pretty much anything- not all of it readable 😉 ) I’m not usually quite such a writing machine, but every once and awhile I’ll get an idea I want to explore and it takes off. I have links to my novel at the bottom of all my posts if you want to take a look. What do you write?

      • I most definitely will take a look at your novel. 🙂

        And it’d be scary if you were such a writing machine consistently! You’d be writing dozens of novels a year! You’d put Stephen King to shame in an instant.

        I write primarily fantasy though my current novel is a fantasy novel that takes place during a zombie apocalypse (another fascination of mine).

        You’ve certainly gained a follower today; thanks for replying and sharing your 45k word shot-in-the-arm. 🙂

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