What’s up, dog? (Or is it Dawg?)

Update on my goings-on.

1. Still waiting for an opportunity to video blog. That’s the only reason my videos have fallen by the wayside: work, and I can’t seem to find a time alone to record without all the background noise.


3. I can’t decide between hot rice cereal with blueblerries, and hot rice cereal with maple syrup.

4.My aggravated back went from total pain to light throb with a heinous looking bruise- yay!

5. SometimesΒ  I think men are assholes- but then I think about women being bitches, and I think it comes out pretty even. We’re all insane.

6. I can’t believe I’m at number six already, and I honestly haven’t said anything substantial.

7. I wanted to make smores, but I ate up all my marshmallows.

8. Sometimes I think I wanted peaches in my cereal, then I remember that I hate peaches. Maybe bananas, like my banana blog, Have Some Laughs.

Then I remember all my bananas are frozen. 😦

Have a good day everyone!


P.S. Damnit, I just realized my day off isn’t tomorrow, it’s the day after. OMG, it’s been a long week.


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8 responses to “What’s up, dog? (Or is it Dawg?)

  1. always blueberried when possible.

  2. Haha, good list.

    Number 5 is particularly true. We’re all just nuts.

    As for smores, have you seen flat marshmallows in the supermarket? I bought a bag the other day, and they make smores easier to make. They weren’t rocket science before, but having square marshmallows shaves the amount of time it takes to insert said smores into my mouth. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing.

    • lol! That sounds awesome. Unfortunately I can only have gelatin-free marshmallows and they come in one size- tiny and impossible. Much easier to snack on than to make the effort to make smores… probably why I ran out of them so fast, lol! I’ll have to send in the flat marshmallow idea to them.

  3. LOL, this was hilarious:):) THanks for making me laugh!

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