Some Days You’re A Disney Princess

My Favorite: Jasmine

OK, so last night my playlist started playing Disney songs. This morning, the TV was playing Beauty And The Beast. Late last night I found these GORGEOUS Disney Princess paintings (I don’t know who did them- and they’re all over this post. Had to share.) So I thought well… it must be time to do a Disney blog!

My Second Favorite: Ariel

Yes, I may be a 27 year old woman now, but I still hold a special place in my heart for Disney Princesses and the old Disney movies (and the wonderful music!) And even if I make fun of Disney, which is just so fun to do, I still remember all the movies (most by heart) fondly.

I really couldn’t explain the appeal, because for me it was never a little-girl-fantasy “Meet your Prince Charming, marry him and live happily ever after!” I never thought of life like that. Even as a child I was a realist- so perhaps while other girls were dressing up in princess costumes and putting on sparkle makeup and singing “Now I Wish Upon A Star” and “Beauty And The Beast”, planning out their marriages to the perfect man and thinking their lives will be easy and pink and shiny… I was mostly just enjoying the beautiful artwork and music. Particularly the music. (Thus the reason Disney songs are on some of my favorite playlists, lol.)

Another Favorite: Pocahontas

The stories were another thing that intrigued me. Not the “happily ever after everything is perfect now that I found my future husband” bit, but the stories that had more depth. For instance, Pocahontas and how she strived to get others to understand the way she saw her planet, as a living thing and not just a rock or a way to profit. The ideal of freedom and best-friendship and loyalty in Aladdin,  having pride in your land and your heritage and yourself, and respect for life  in The Lion King. It goes on. These are the things that really captivated me.


And to this day, the music will always be reminiscent, calming, enjoyable, I will teach it to my children, and always find it some of the most beautiful music ever created.

Some of the fairy tale aspects bother me, the cliches if you will. Meeting your prince and falling in love, the bad guy always wears black, the damsel always needs saving, the pretty girls always win, all the bad guys are ugly and sound weird, everyone is skinny and vain- in some aspects, it’s essentially the same movie just repeated. Probably why I like some more than others. The ones with more originality or better morals I tend to enjoy more.

Mulan; Belle

I think that they should create more Disney movies like they did when I was little. With the animation, the music, everything. I love computer animated films, but they just aren’t the same. And I suppose you could argue that they’ve come out with such films as “The Princess and the Frog” But honestly, look at the graphics- how much work, care and creativity was really put into that movie? Dozens of artists spent countless hours studying lions and drawing them as they moved around to learn how to correctly animate The Lion King. Where’s that kind of effort?

I think we’ve lost something in this digital age. Something that late Generation Y’ers (and whatever this next generation is called) don’t get. I feel they’re missing out. Or maybe I’m just that partial, I don’t know.

I also think part of the message Disney was trying to send was this: Never give up. It’s an aspect that is within most every movie of theirs. Don’t give up, stand for what you believe in, and hope for the best. I like to think that’s the message they were trying to send us.



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10 responses to “Some Days You’re A Disney Princess

  1. Belle was always the Disney princess I most related to when I was younger. But hey, I suppose I shouldn’t say it in the past tense. I still relate to that “strange” yet “special” gal. Chris and I recently went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3-D. It was amazing. Great post! And on your comment about the bad guys being ugly…what about Quasimodo? We just learned about him in French culture. He’s a metaphor for Notre-Dame and the architectural changes they’ve done to it.

    • I totally forgot Quasimodo! I loved him, and that whole movie. I haven’t seen it since it came out in theaters (probably why I don’t remember it, lol. FEW years ago…) I wish I could have seen Beauty And The Beast in 3D! I would love to see The Little Mermaid or Aladdin in 3D. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I like the old animated Disney films too and wish they would go back that way. Remember the Apple dumpling gang ? not an animation but was a childhood favorite of mine and the Sunday night Disney movie was always something to look forward too kids today dont get that “look forward too” feeling when they can get it so readily on youtube etc.
    Great post Stacey 🙂

  3. i would prefer to see not paintings but photographs of real women as the princesses.

    have you read my disney princess post?? it is the single most popular post i have ever written, and it’s partly because it regularly pops up when people are doing searches on disney princesses.

    • Aren’t they awesome?? I wish I could take the credit for painting them but I can’t, lol. I couldn’t find who did either, I guess I’ll have to dig around and look. It makes me want to try to paint them at least, lol. Thanks for your comment!

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