The Hunger Games- a page turner we can relate to. Sort of.

And, as if with grey, vaguelly glowing eyes in the darkness of my one-lightbulb-burnt-out-room, my Kindle stares up at me from its perch beside me on the seat, begging me with it’s soul to pick it back up and continue reading- and begging me with its front page advertisement to buy Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Other then pertinent times such as work, minor sleep and food consumption, I have been nose deep in my Kindle, reading for the first time in years front to back without pause, an entire book at once last night. It took me six consecutive hours until five o’clock in the morning to finish it, but I did it. Then I took a four hour nap, could not longer sleep, picked up my Kindle and started on book three. After a quick pause for work, I came home, picked it up, and am now 76% done with the last book. Why am I on here, and not continually glued to my Kindle? Well, because I need a break. I am a freak. My wrist is sore from holding it for so long, one eye is bloodshot from reading in the semi-darkness for so long, and I had to pee for the longest time. (That, luckily, has been accomplished.)

It has been entirely too long since I’ve found a story to get so incredibly engrossed in, that I felt so strongly, and I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. It hasn’t been since Death of the Necromancer and the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy that I read a book I truly FELT the characters and everything they went through. I would feel the same way if The Hunger Games trilogy weren’t a fad at the moment. What I am unsure about, is the fact that I have become so engrossed in a book about kids murdering each other. To say it in such a way, seems to negate the fact that it is truly actually about humanity, emotional oppression, survival, hate, human decency, respect for life, governmental oppression, war, fight, cruelty, friendship, faith, trust, and most importantly… love. It truly is. If you haven’t read it, do.

The “fad” part of it is simply my assumption that right now, governmental oppression is something we all feel at the moment whether we can realize it or not, and our want and NEED for the human indecency our world possesses to end is just as deep as the characters’ needs for theirs to end. It fits our world right now. That has driven the story beyond popularity. It’s become a story somewhat of hope. Even if it is about kids murdering each other (by forced government law.) Fighting to the death. It’s something we all feel, metaphorically, on a day-to-day basis. Some of us fighting to stay alive, to keep food on the table, to keep gas in our cars, roofs over our heads, to keep ourselves safe, to keep our families safe, to keep…. alive. It’s a feeling we can all bond over. Not some sappy teenage love story.

I don’t know how the last book ends, but I hear from others it’s a tear-jerker. So I’m going to stop my opinions right here until I finish reading.




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4 responses to “The Hunger Games- a page turner we can relate to. Sort of.

  1. oooooh. i was expecting a review of the movie. i see. are you going to read, then see movie, then write about a comparison?

    • Read first book halfway (brought my kindle in with me to the theater so I could read it up until the movie began lol), watched movie, read books 2 and 3 immediately afterward. I might do a comparison. I have to shake the ending to book three first.

  2. Read the books back 2 yrs ago so seeing the movie was a refresher for me. Loved both, but the book more (don’t we always, lol). ~Happy Reading to ya–if you’re interested, I’m giving away an Easter Basket Full of YA Books on my blog this week so stop on by!

    • I like books 1 and 2. Didn’t care for three. But yes, I do love the books much more than the movie, lol. I will, however, state that after watching the movie and picturing Woody Harrelson as Haymitch was much more appealing than the original Haymitch I was picturing.

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