Love Ode to my Computer

A love ode to my computer called, “O’ Computer, How Thou Hath Me”



O’ Computer, how thou hath me,

In thy precious grip;

O’  Computer, how thou lost me,

In thy confusing glyph.


In thy comforting embraces,

Click-clack of thy keys;

Gentle glow o’ firelight,

Coming from my screen.


O’  Computer, how thou hath me,

Such turmoil in my eye;

Slowing down and freezing,

The story of my life.


O’ gentle glow o’firelight,

How thou hath turn so blue!

Glaring, blind, O’ blue screen o’ death,

Whatever hath I done to you?


Pop-ups, freezing, thou hath done me wrong!

Waiting, waiting, waiting- Thou refuse to play my song!

Sending me signs of terror, death… and misery!

Thou art Low on Virtual Memory!

How can it be??


O’  Computer, how thou hath me,

In thy comforting grasp;

O’ Computer, how much I love thee,

Enough to put up with all your crap.





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4 responses to “Love Ode to my Computer

  1. sounds like its time to go on a deleting spree. I think I shall do the same.

    • I would highly suggest it. The problem is, I found out that “virtual memory” (RAM) and computer memory are different. The RAM is the memory the computer uses when programs are open so they can run. So I deleted 20 Gigs worth of memory on my computer, which sped it up a bit, but I still don’t have enough RAM, and my computer keeps using it even when no programs are up, which is impossible. I’m trying to figure out what comes on at start up that’s using up so much RAM other programs can’t run right. Ugh. Good luck with your computer!

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