Stacey Katheryn, The Amazing Multitasker!

I work A LOT tomorrow. Ugh. So I decided to write tomorrow’s blogs tonight. So on this sleepless night, I’ve been doing most all of tomorrow’s work because it’s not just going to be a long day, but a late day. And I realized I made a promise I would make lemonade popsicles with my niece tomorrow, and I totally forgot I don’t have a minute to spare tomorrow at all, so I regret that, now I feel pretty bad.

Anyway, the “multitasking” part of tonight’s blog post title refers to the fact that I am at the moment, here, now at 2:30 AM and unable to sleep, reading emails, writing emails, writing update emails and schedule change emails to my employer, writing up my essay for my upcoming school, working on character development for my new little half werewolf- half human girl and her mate (and the entire plotline to their story, which seems to have been lost in the mix of the maze of which has been my incomprehensible mind the last week) working out easy recipes for this upcoming week, working on the last editing processes for Blood of Darkness  (read bits of it at Follow My Fantasy Novel) and finding I still have a bit more work to do than I thought, working on the marketing for the novel, becoming nervous about publishing it (OMG no one’s gonna buy it. I don’t care for the money. If no one buys it, that means no one’s read it. Ack!) Working out a plot line for a short story prequel that if I can, I may publish for free before publishing BOD for $2.99. Of course, that gives me 2 weeks to write it (I just wrote a full novel these past 6 days, I think I should be ok.) If I can find the inspiration, that is. I’m also working on printing the final edit copy of BOD, because even the super edited parts I’ve been posting, I realized I needed to add a couple of things. Ugh. Like I said…. just, Ugh. Oh yeah, plus work. Work. Work and more Work as always. Needless to say, I have a lot of documents open, a lot of tabs up, and I just realized I am very, very hungry. Probably because I’ve only eaten twice today, small meals. Maybe a snack before bed will help lull me to sleep. I hope so, because my day starts early.

Gosh, time to shake off the nerves already. School is a big thing, but I can’t be nervous like this, and I certainly can’t allow myself to be nervous for an entire month beforehand. Of course, there’s other issues and drama going on at the moment- they’re not helping any! I’m gonna put up a giant sign that says (………. this is me trying to figure out how to word it nicely…… still attempting……………..) “Stop the drama”? Is that strong enough? How about my first thought, “Kill the drama or fuck off” Hm. I’m living in someone else’s house that may not go over quite well. I’ll leave it at, good god I’m going to go insane if people don’t learn to breathe and chill the fuck out.

Anyway, I’m going to heed my own advice, get a snack, breathe, and chill the fuck out.

Then I’m going to bed.

Good night! This is Wednesday’s post so don’t expect a post at a DECENT hour later on. Next post comes Thursday. G’night!





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11 responses to “Stacey Katheryn, The Amazing Multitasker!

  1. When did you decide to become a novelist? I just discovered i enjoy wiriting about 2 months ago, still don’t know where I wanna go with it.

    • I figured it out when I was about six years old 🙂 My big sister writes too, and I’d found a short story of hers (keep in mind we were both children and her story was handwritten in marker with crayon drawings) but it was a good story, and I wanted to be just like her. When I was fourteen, I became sick, and passed the time by writing and it grew into a full blown passion from there, along with about 26 novels. I’m glad you’ve discovered your passion to write 🙂 If you need any tips, please let me know, I’ll be more than glad to share what I know! Knowledge is wasted if not shared. I always post tips, tutorials and articles on writing on if you want to check it out. I’ve got stuff on creating characters and editing your novel and such so far. Good luck with your writing!

      • thanks for this, i would love to see some of your professional work too

      • I have nothing published yet, I went through the whole “submit and rejection” process a dozen times before I found out that a lot of big name authors are losing their contracts with their publishing companies, due to the economy, and it’s all but impossible for new authors at the moment. So I decided on self e-publishing and I’m going to publish my first novel on for Kindle on the 30th of this month. You can read some of it here
        I’m trying to market it and build up a readership. I’m not going to be selling it for much, I mostly just want to share my stories. But self publishing at the moment can be incredibly lucrative because of it’s growing popularity, and that doesn’t hurt any either 🙂

  2. I’m tired just reading that, Stacey.
    But I know what you mean, I work a lot too, and finding time to blog, plus work on my book, plus be a dad and a husband, and all the other bullshit that seems to spring up every time I try to write, is enough for me to want to gouge my fucking eyes out ha-ha , but we will get through it and when we look back at it we can say it all was worth it 🙂

    • I feel better just reading that! Thank you 🙂 Yes, I couldn’t agree more. It is quite tiring. But you’re right, I think we’ll all look back and realize that it was worth it, even if we’ve ripped out all our hair and have no more eyes to gouge by then 😉 Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  3. Jim said exactly what I was thinking, lol. Hope you had time to breathe and eat today!! This too shall pass . . .

    • Thanks Jamie 🙂 I had a tiny, tiny bit more time today, and I began realizing I need to take a bit more time for myself. So I got a little writing done and ignored the rest of the world for awhile, lol. Thank you for your support 🙂 I think we all get a little overwhelmed at times. It’s ok. As Jim said, it’ll be worth it in the end. If we stick with our passions, I think.

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