Backin up’s so hard to do….

Yeah yeah, corny play on song title, ha. ha. But truthfully, sometimes I think backing up your computer IS as hard as breaking up. I’ll tell you why…

I have too much shit.

Hundreds of poems and over a decade worth of books and short stories and articles. Tons of saved stuff, hundreds of photos, so on and so forth…. and so on and so forth.

This is insane.

But due to a glitch in my computer screen just now, I have this horrible feeling my computer may be on its way out the door (if that happens, I’ll borrow someone’s to do my blogs and writing, gulp.) But although most everything is already backed up, I’m discovering some of the things I’ve placed in “My Documents” are not on my thumbdrive. Some full documents, some updated documents, and… whatnots.

Ok, so I’m avoiding saying that if I lose this computer, I’ll be devastated. Ugh. I better just try and get this fixed and hope the screen thing really was just a glitch. I really can’t afford to lose my computer this close to publishing my novel and working on other stuff as often as I am.

Anyway, I’m off to try and do a few tricks to help along my computer (get rid of unneeded programs, defrag again, remove this mothereffing antivirus that has been acting like a virus and fucking up my computer ever since I got it on, downloading a better one, running SpyBot, you know… all of that shit.) Wish me luck.




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2 responses to “Backin up’s so hard to do….

  1. i lost hundreds of pictures of a trip through italy because i didn’t have a backup. get an external hard drive. a thumb or flash drive may not be enough. good luck.

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