Shingles? Ugh!

Ugh has seemed to become my new favorite word as of late, even spoken outloud. Ugh, my computer is slow. Ugh, I’ve got in my allotted 2 web pages a day and now it’s done working. Ugh I’m tired of getting bitched out by crabby old ladies. Ugh I have to spend almost $200 on school supplies. Now…

Ugh. I might have Shingles.

Teach me to joke about vericella, haha. (For those who don’t know, vericella is the virus that causes chicken pox, shingles, cold sores, and herpes among other things…)

Makes me want to go back and see what other serious ailments I’ve joked about recently just in case this was some kind of sign or omen or something.

Now I have to declare myself off-limits until I know for sure. And I think back to who all I’ve hugged the last day or so. Kids, babies, little old ladies…


All I can say is…. at least this is happening BEFORE school, if indeed this is what “this” is.

I’m off to go pout. I had a long list of things I was going to blog about ever since I discovered my computer will allow the first two or three websites I open in a day to function and saved the first website for WordPress, but it’s all gone from my mind at the moment.

Well, let’s hope it’s not. I haven’t had shingles since pre-kindergarten days, and I still remember how painful they are. But, on the plus side, if it is… I’ll have a lot more time on my computer!

One last ugh, and chocolate here I come. (Hey, chocolate has proven pain-relieving properties right? If it doesn’t, I’m gonna need to hire a statistician to write up a false report with fake citations to claim that- oh fuck it, we’ll just agree that it’s a cure-all and leave it at that.)

Have a wonderful night, my peeps.



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6 responses to “Shingles? Ugh!

  1. chocolate worked in harry potter movies, so why not for you? i don’t pray, but my prayers are with you.

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