The good books make you cry

And here we are again! Day two, AVG free, and I only had to restart my computer four times before I could finally open firefox, and so far, it’s been letting me do everything I want! Hooray!

So, I’m going to write a real blog.

This one shall be about books. Why not? They are, after all, one of the things I am most passionate about, being a writer and all. And here’s where the title post came from.

I was having a discussion with a good internet friend of mine on the topic of The Hunger Games trilogy, and neither of us care for the ending. I will throw no spoilers here, so let’s just say it went against what we would have done, if we were the main character. (The old “what would you do in her situation” thing.) It was, admittedly, a traumatic ending. By the end of our long discussion, she was angry, and I was crying and we’d both been through a horrific turmoil of emotions in regards to the story, though we were on the same side of our discussion, and something she said made me realize…

It’s the good ones that make you cry. A truly great writer can make her readers cry or throw things and get angry or upset. It isn’t always about having to agree with the characters and the story and feel so safe and follow along with it in a cozy ‘nother-world, it’s about the emotions an author can invoke within her readers that counts. I’ve never once said I hated the books. I’ve said, I hate the ending, the ending sucked, she shouldn’t have blah blah… fill in the blanks. But never once did I say I didn’t like the writing. In a way, being able to have that reaction to the ending of a book, was relieving. Like I had the freedom to love the story and the characters and hate it so much I nearly threw my Kindle. I can now look back on these books with a little more fondness and understanding. Maybe now I can finally move on.

And it began me analyzing myself as a writer, as well. The ultimate question for me remains. Would I, as an author, have the guts to create an ending so powerful that it drove people to tears at the same time they were cursing the ending I’d written?

I guess time will tell.



P.S.  Read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and the other two books in her trilogy. I highly suggest it. Watch the movie too, while you’re at it. You might as well, they’re making four more of them.


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2 responses to “The good books make you cry

  1. Merr

    Yay! Really liked this.. and I WAS so angry at the end of our convo, just finally got over it actually hahaha but I gotta ask.. FOUR MORE?? There’s only 2 more books.. are they trying to rival twilight which has 5 movies??

    • Haha, I know I could tell. I’m glad you’ve recovered! 🙂 Yeah, so I hear, it’s supposed to be four more. I guess they are trying to rival Twilight (or maybe the books are that complicated) I’ll fact-check but that’s the latest I heard and I can’t open any search engines at the moment to find out, if I’m wrong I’ll correct it for sure. I just hope they’re all better than the Twilight movies, however many there will be 😉

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