It’s a party in the USA

So this post has no title. (By the time you read it, it will.) Because I have nothing to say. You know why? I have too much to say. I know, a contradiction- perhaps even a paradox. If I’m not mistaken, paradoxes that have no resolution tend to end in some sort of earth-destroying apocalypse. (What can I say? I’m a fantasy writer.)

The problem is, I’m having difficulties resolving my own problems. Blogging helps. But not when I’m blogging about the same damn thing all the time. Which just tells me I suck at solving my own problems.

So what to do, what to do? There is also another problem. I know EXACTLY what I want to blog about, the most phenomenal blogs you’ve ever thought were possible to read, the greatest writing of all time- while I’m in my car. By the time the engine is off, all that genius has withered away into “woe-is-me” and “Yes, I’m on time by the minute!”

Maybe I should do a blog about the panic attacks I have when I arrive to my destination early. No, not late (although, I feel endlessly guilty for arriving late in certain places) but I literally panic if I arrive early. For instance, if I arrive at my client’s house before it’s time to clock in, it’s that awkward silence, those few minutes that drive me insane, make my heart pound, make me want to run. This, my friends, is why you will rarely ever find me arriving early for anything. Maybe it’s because of pent-up nervousness, maybe it’s the awkward silences, or I just don’t like being left alone in my head when I’m anticipating something. I’ll walk in on the dot on time almost every time, and that’s just how I roll. I can no more explain it than I can explain listening to “It’s A Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus when it came on the radio today, even though I despise that song and it gets stuck in my head for hours. (That was close to twelve hours ago and it’s still going around, and around, and around.) So anyone with insight or a similar freakish habit I’ll be glad to hear your feedback! Just don’t tell me I’m crazy, I’m well aware of that one, and repetition annoys me 😉

Squeaky, squeaky, squeak…

Well, I’m off to go to bed. Why? I’m sleepy, and I’m having a hard time finishing the novel I’m working on at the moment and need to figure it out. And tomorrow, I’m reserving for marketing my first book and hyping it up (Why not be honest? It’s a good book.) I could also use a little time to sleep on my lack of problem-solving skills.

No, no wait. I have great problem-solving skills. Just not MY problems.

Ah… needless to say, I may be nearly dozing as we speak, but I don’t want to sleep. Why?

Because that damn song is still stuck in my head, and I don’t want it to be what sings me to sleep tonight.


Good night, my peeps!



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5 responses to “It’s a party in the USA

  1. i hated that song at first, but i kinda like it now.

    as for blog ideas, i blog about what affects me. if i see a commercial that i think is “wrong,” that’s what i write about. if i see an idiot throw his cigarette in a pile of leaves, that’s what i write about. whatever makes you “feel” a certain way. whatever you react or respond to. whatever thoughts you have that you think others should know about.

  2. Stacey,
    What you are describing here with your problem solving skills I think we all are afflicted with it phizer should make a pill haha.
    I am so good at solving others problems I could be a consultant, as for my own, although I am good at it and they get solved they more than likely get put on the back burner for a bit, procrastination (where is the pill of that) as far as losing the train of thought issue and ending up dissecting your mind for what was lost, I have a pen and paper with me in the car and by my bed so I can capture my thoughts while driving,waking up, going to sleep. I also have a recorder app for my phone so I dont look like a fool everywhere I go carrying a notebook, so i look like a fool talking to my phone because Im not suave enough to hold it to my head and look like im talking to someone on the phone lol.
    As always Stacey Great post, Im glad I stopped by 🙂

    • S.O.A.B I forgot to say how annoying Miley Cirus is in general (great now I need a notebook in my head 😉 ) I hate the way she acts like shes all grown up but is actually acting like shes 12

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