Get ready!!

In just a few short hours, Blood of Darkness, Book One of The Legends of Sangue, will be published! With a brand new cover, a perfectly formatted inside, and all the trimmings!

This book will be published (for now) exclusively on Kindle, which includes all Kindle devices and devices with a Kindle App (which can be downloaded here: This includes smart phones, ipods, ipads, PCs, Macs, and more.

In case anyone isn’t familiar with Blood of Darkness, here it is in a nutshell:

In the dark world known as the Kingdom of Sangue, a widowed sorcerer king faces his greatest enemy- and his past- in order to save his only living son. Twenty years after the brutal murder of his wife and three of four children, Otztal Mortimer awaits the day he can gain retribution against their elusive enemy Electus, and find his lost child Erisha, whom he has hidden in the mortal world to ensure his survival, away from the presence of vampires and other dangers. When Electus discovers that the child is still alive, it’s a race to see who can find him first. What Otztal finds instead will mean the continued existence of both humanity, and the last of his family. He must protect them, no matter the cost.

AND… Debut the new book cover, and how it will appear on….

New Cover


So I hope you look forward to reading it, and I will post links and more information once it finally debuts! Thank you!



( Blood of Darkness Copyright: 2012, Stacey Katheryn. )

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2 responses to “Get ready!!

  1. Stacey, again congrats I am so happy for you you must be excited.
    If you do decide to query your above synopsis would be perfect in a query letter in my opinion

    • You think so? Thanks! I’ve done query letters before, tons of times, and I could never get them sounding quite right so I gave up after I stopped trying the traditional route of publishing. That’s the snippet I wrote for the description. I’m glad it turned out good, because I sweated over that for a few hours too, lol. Thanks 🙂 And I am super duper duper excited, I almost couldn’t sleep, lol!

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