The silliest author (almost) on the market

Well, my friends, I came home from my first day of school and discovered something disconcerting. My book, while approved, was still not listed. Why? This news had me somewhat disgruntled…

I opened up my email to check for anything Amazon may have directed in my direction in explanation as to this new and disturbing development, and discovered…

I failed to list an author on my book.

I discussed with myself about how I may get away with telling them the book has no author, it wrote itself under my direction, but I decided instead of doing the detrimental thing, I would do the right thing, and in my determination I delicately held my fragile temperament and delegated some of my attention to the duty of LISTING AN AUTHOR.

But hey, at least they have not determined my book to be ill-fit for publishing due to any other issue except my silliness.  And even though this sets my publishing date back- yet again- this should be the last 8-12 hour delay.

And yes, I realized I utilized a dump-load of Ds in this post. Because this post is brought to you today by the letter D, for “daft.”




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6 responses to “The silliest author (almost) on the market

  1. Stacey, who would have thought you would need to list an author haha, well hopefully it should all be smoooooooooooooooooth sailing

    • LOL, well, it said “list your contributors” so I thought of the person who helped edit and the person who took my bio pic. I thought they took my information from my account (name and whatnot) I didn’t realize they were looking for me to you know, label myself, lol. Silly I know. And no, so far, not smooth. It says to wait 12 hours for publishing. It’s been a day :{

  2. I listed an editor and it looks like she is listed as the author…if that makes you feel any better. The one book I have written is not really selling, but how that is what a second and third book are for.

    • “List your contributors” Doesn’t say “List an author and those who have worked on the book with you”, to me it just said “list those who have worked on the book with you” So I wrote the person who helped edit, and the photographer who took my bio pic. I didn’t realize it intended for me to write myself in there, I thought it pulled that information from my account. So, that’s what confused me. What are you doing for marketing your novel? What do you write?

  3. i basically did that same thing, except i just had an intial, and they wanted more than just one letter.

    • Yeah, I noticed that a lot of internet companies won’t allow just an initial anymore. Some won’t accept two letters. I know people who only have two letters in their last name. It’s silly. Some people want anonymity for a reason…

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