Still waiting

My book is still in publishing mode. I’m impatient, but trying to be quite understanding. I just hate making promises that I can’t keep, especially when the circumstances are out of my control. So I apologize for the wait, and thanks for your patience. I swear I will let you all know when the book is up for sale πŸ™‚




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13 responses to “Still waiting

    • Jay

      Sorry, it was almost a day ago… I bought it when I got up and found out it was there, before 9.05AM yesterday (May, 1st), which would’ve been around your 1AM, so I guess that technically they did publish it on April 30 after all… πŸ˜‰

      • Jay

        Argh!!!! I just realized that it doesn’t show my previous comment (Stacey needs to approve it because of the links)… it’s tricky, ’cause I can see it anyway…
        I said: “Actually it’s been published already… I’m sure ’cause I bought it hours ago…:D”
        Let’s try this again, you go to amazon and search “Blood of Darkness”, or you paste this after “.com”:

      • OMG, thank you Jay!! It still tells me it’s in publishing mode, lol! I guess my email to Amazon went through and they did do something about the problem. I love how unprofessional my book cover looks lol. Thanks!

      • I can’t believe that, because I’ve been doing periodic searches for this thing ever since it hit the publishing stage! Maybe it was something my computer didn’t come up with or maybe it was stuck, I don’t know. That’s weird! According to Amazon’s submit date, it was may 1st, lol. So I guess I missed it by like, an hour!

      • Jay

        No, you DIDN’T miss it!!
        Here’s what says:
        Editore: Stacey Katheryn; 1 edizione (30 aprile 2012)
        And says the same thing:
        Publisher: Stacey Katheryn; 1 edition (April 30, 2012)
        So how can it be the submit date May 1st?! I have no clue… do you?! I guess there are just two way to see it:
        1 – they’re very confused
        2 – they’re messing with you
        Now you choose… πŸ˜€

      • Hahahaha, I pick both. Yeah, it’s odd because I submitted late night on the 29th… It would have been approved on the 30th. So why the submit date is 5/1, I have no idea, lol! Thanks πŸ™‚

  1. No apology needed Stacey, it is out of your control it will be out soon. Did you already get an ISBN # for it ?

    • Yeah it’s got all the necessary bells and whistles. They don’t require it, but I felt the need to get one anyway, $125, lol. Ouch. I want to say I have a published novel to justify spending that money on a 13 digit number lol. Thanks

  2. NO worries . . . timing is everything and everything happens for a reason, right? Sorry, cliches are all I got today;)

  3. Just heard the good news from Jim Cantwell…congrats…hope your sales are through the roof.

    Be encouraged!

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