Overflowing Sink

I have to admit, that right now, I feel very much similar to the overflowing sink I just had to deal with at my clients house. Full of gross, undigested bits of worries and dilemmas, so exhausted it comes brimming out over the top like a backed up sink flowing three double sinks worth of someone else’s dirty dish water on the floor (better than sewer water…)

And that was the better of the last few days. Anything that can go wrong, has and will.

I think the only thing that kept me from absolutely losing it was the few hours I spent studying at the park in the sunlight when my living area was drenched in the stench of rain-fresh bleach. That migraine has yet to dissipate, but the sunlight felt so good I wanted to stay in it forever, watching all the people walk by with their babies and their tiny dogs and happy little ones, watching the lake as the calming, flowing waters settled my mind with each gentle lap in the vague breeze. I needed to be near the water, I wanted to be near the water. I may have a slight sunburn (it’s a bit stingy, haven’t looked) but it was well worth it. I digested more information than I thought I would, and in those two hours I find myself reciting more than half of the material on my upcoming test like I was born with this knowledge.

And then I pause this blog as all my worries come back to me. There is a decision I’ve been debating all weekend, now I won’t go into details just yet. But I’ve been debating it night and day. Should I, or should I not? Did I, or did I not? And now I’m back to worrying about it as if it was a tape player playing over, and over, and over.

And saying so, there’s yet another decision I have yet to decide. I know what I SHOULD do, I should quit one of my two jobs. It’s overwhelming to work so much as a full time student, and it’s proving more stressful than I think I should subject myself to right now. However, it’ll have repercussions I’m not sure I could handle.

Ah, what to do, what to do.

I know we all go through times like these. And I wish I could find some words of wisdom to help others through times like these. Maybe once I’m done figuring out what to do, or learning from mistakes that may occur from doing the wrong thing, I’ll have those words. Until then, I’ll just keep memorizing that the anterior triangle involves the SCM, Mandible and Trachea, whereas the Posterior triangle involves the SCM, Clavicle and Trapezius.

Also, that the femoral triangle consists of the sartorius, the inguinal ligament and adductus longus. And no, I didn’t look these up. I actually memorized these. I never knew I could be such a brainiac, even though I was called one at school.

Of course, they’d been referring to my quick-wit and keen ability to be a smart ass at the drop of a dime.

What can I say, I know when to make people laugh. Sometimes people are just too damn serious.

Maybe that’s why I’m eating chocolate frosting instead of a decent dinner, and why I still have avacados in my new backpack.

Well I guess I’ll be back later with those promised words of wisdom. Or I could just drop some more knowledge on you such as the invisible transverse plane of the body theoretically cuts the body in half top and bottom, the sagital plane splits the body into right and half sides, and the coronal plane splits the body front and back like that scene with the lawyer in 13 Ghosts, and lateral means to the side and posterior is the front, except when referring to the popliteal region because that technically counts as the posterior even though it’s on the anterior side of your body, because the patella counts as the anterior though… I dunno, I guess I need to look that one up because it just confuses me. Anyway… Where was I?

(This sentence being added almost three months after this post was written: The above statements are absolutely false, haha.  No wonder I got like, a B on those tests… The good ol’ days….)

Real dinner.

Then sleep.

Then I get up at an ungodly hour for another four day marathon of bones and cells and stuff.



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4 responses to “Overflowing Sink

  1. Personally, I’m a bit worried about you. You seem too tired, but I remember those school days…the first couple of weeks are always tough and then around test time. So hang in there but keep in mind that you want to finish school, so you might have to quit one of your jobs to accomplish that goal. What’s important? That’s the question. I just don’t want to see you crash your health and not be able to do any of it. Either way, you’re working towards your goal and that’s got to be a great, wonderful feeling–even when’s it hard. Hang in there. You got this one!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 I know you’re all worried, and frankly so am I. But truthfully, everything is a delicate balance and the more I learn in class, which I love like nothing else, the more I’m realizing and accepting my own limitations, and also, what does and doesn’t count as a limitation. Some of it is simply emotional and it’s something everyone is working on together in ethics. It’s nice. And thank you for your support 🙂 It means more than you know.

  2. I love the image of an overflowing sink. That is how i feel as well. 🙂 I hope you ace your test! It sounds like you will! The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone and all that… 😉

    • Hehe, thanks! Well, I did good on that particular test. The next one, not so much. I just have to tell myself not to worry, I have four more next week, hehe. I think the skeletal system will prove to be my thing though. The knee joint’s connected to the patellarfemoral joint…. 😉

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