Oh boy.

Oh boy.

Somewhere between cramming my mind with sarcolemmas and acromions and plantar fascitis, I’ve had to somehow cram my mind with the extensor digitorum, extensor carpi radialis brevis, quadratus longus and pinky toes, I’ve been overwhelmed and bombarded with exhaustion, desperation and thirst.

Losing the internet for a few days didn’t help.

Honestly, you may have gotten a chuckle out of the previously stated sentence. And where I can see the humor, it’s so totally true.

I can’t even sort my thoughts into appropriate sentence structures at the moment. All I know at this point in time, is that I’m finally glad to have my internet back. More blogging soon 🙂


Oh, and I’m also glad I got my seat in class back. Boo-yah!





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2 responses to “Oh boy.

  1. It will be over sooner than you think

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