Yes, I AM still alive!!!!

This was originally going to be a cute little poem, since I don’t believe in cute little paragraph-sized blog posts to let everyone know I freakin miss them and miss wordpress as I have been so so sooooo busy with school (and a broken computer) that I am unable to go online except for the very minute amount of occasional spare time on another’s borrowed computer, however, the poem stopped at two lines and I thought, “Holy crap, I can’t even write a poem today” Maybe it’s not enough caffeine, too much sun in the hot 100’s + the last couple of days (or the muggy 93 degrees now) or because my mind is swimming with muscles and tendons, but… what was I saying? Yes, oh yes, I keep losing my train of thought, that’s what I was saying.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing good and I miss everyone so much! I’ll come back on soon and type another blog. Until then, not much to say except I’m finally through A&P and I’m on to actual massage now!! YES!!! Going to school was the best decision I ever made.





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  1. Jay

    Reading this post I had the inspiration of “teaching” you a small thing… 🙂
    “To lose the train of thought” in Italian is “perdere il filo” you could also add “del discorso” if you want to be more specific. “I keep losing my train of thought” would be “continuo a perdere il filo dei discorsi”, I used the plural because since you keep doing it, I guess it’s not just talking about one thing.
    This saying is because of Ariadne’s cable (or wire?!), the one she gave to Theseus to escape from the Cretan Labyrinth where the Minotaur dwelt, without the cable he would’ve lost himself and could’ve never got out of the labyrinth (I hope I got those phrases right, I told you these kind of verbs/tenses are giving me a very hard time!).
    “Losing the train” (“perdere il treno”), besides actually not getting on the train, here means “to lose an opportunity”, like when you do (or don’t do, it depends on the situation) something and that would’ve led you to achieve a goal, or it could mean “being too old to do something”, like my mum is too old to learn how to use the computer (I think she doesn’t want to, so she’s convinced that she can’t), so “ha perso il treno”.

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