A Brand New Day

Well, this is going to be quick. Not because I have nothing to say (when have I ever been accused of having nothing to say? Can’t remember…) But because dinner is almost done. I’m beating the timer on the oven, here.
Today is the first day it finally hit me that school is over. It’s time to get on the ball. Time to take the next step into “adulthood” and establish myself as a professional. Spoke to a client on the phone today, wondering when I was opening up my shop. It sounded a little something like, “uh, well first I have to update my insurance and uh, um then I gotta get my license and it should take something like a couple weeks- or uh, somewhere between the beginning of December and the middle….”

Because that SCREAMS “I am a professional, you may trust me!”

I need to improve my phone skills.

Either way, she knows my work and knows my skill makes up for my lack of phone-maturity. I’ve been working (for years) on nixing the “uh”s and “um”s from my vocabulary. Honestly, I hate phones. I need to make peace with telephones.

And oh boy, how in the world did this blog get on to the topic of telephones??

Dinner’s almost done. Gotta cut this short. Moral of the story: We all have room for improvement, so never believe for an instant that you are perfect. Your imperfections make you the beautiful soul you are. Accept and improve upon yourself, we are forever evolving creatures, and it’s our intuition and love for life that keeps us going.

Anyway, good night! (or good morning, or good dinner, whatever)

Oh oh, one last thing. Check out the prologue to my latest: Murder On Her Mind, Book Two of The Legends of Sangue

Even I’m impressed.


Stacey 🙂




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2 responses to “A Brand New Day

  1. Glad I’m not the only imperfect one who rambles on professional phone calls, lol!

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