Crunch Time!

I say “crunch time” because of how many things I must get done in the next month. Publication for my second novel, for instance. Its publication I won’t admit is a couple of months past my original plan, but it still needs its final edit and there was no possible way I could find time for that these past few months. Also, getting my license to practice massage is going to be spendy and a little time consuming, however that I need to get it done soon because I’ve already got clients waiting for me. Yikes. Makes me feel grown up.

Murder On Her Mind is going to have to live for awhile without an ISBN, if I want to publish it on time. It’s a simple matter, and doesn’t really matter, because I can always add the ISBN as soon as I have the money to do so (they’re $125 each, unless you buy a “ten pack” for $250. I’m bending over to see exactly where I can pull that money out of, and I’m not finding it.)

Anyway, yikes.

Go to Murder On Her Mind, Book Two of The Legends of Sangue to read snippets, as I did with Blood of Darkness, Book One of The Legends of Sangue. For those who don’t know, I put half the book in snippets nearing publication time, before putting my book up for sale on Amazon for Kindle. I did it for Blood of Darkness in May, and it was a great success. So Murder on her Mind is next! Catch up!

Talk to you all later, my friends. Sleep well. Or have a good day. Whatever part of this spinning globe you happen to be sitting on.




* Blood of Darkness- Book One of The Legends of Sangue *

* Murder One Her Mind- Book Two of The Legends of Sangue *

* My Blog: Words of Fantasy *

* Purchase Blood of Darkness *


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