This Isn’t The End!

Ahh, the cool sensation of having exactly one and a half days off. People should be proud. I don’t know what taking days off is. But I decided after spending 11 hours editing one day, 7 1/2 the next, then waking up every hour during the night to check the status of my book’s upload on Amazon because you can’t upload any updated files until it’s gone live and available for publishing 12 hours later (and I had to upload an updated version ASAP) before finally falling asleep at 6, then spending a couple hours doing posts and announcements- I lost my train of thought. I took a half day off that day, and most the next day off, and it felt great!

But I realize this isn’t the end. I had a very intricate plan for the month leading up to Murder’s publication- now that it’s published, I still need to continue marketing, but I’m drawing a blank, lol. I suppose I didn’t think about the fact that the marketing process doesn’t stop just because it’s available now. I was just so eager to get to book three (which is painfully only half edited) of which the name will be announced later ( teaser alert 😉 )

I forgot to focus on the fact that marketing strategies can’t stop just because I’ve passed this one milestone in my authorhood. It’s an amazing sensation to get this far.  But all that’s come to mind is “hey maybe I should make Murder .99 cents too, because I’ve bought books on kindle on a whim for .99 cents even if I wasn’t all that interested in them” Dude, no. I have much more respect for Murder on her Mind than that. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a discounted book or that it wouldn’t work. I’m saying the intent behind that thought is all wrong. “Nobody’s going to buy it so I might as well make it affordable enough so that people will buy it just because they might have the spare change” ?? No.


I have more respect for myself and my writing than that. I want people to spent $2.99 because they’re interested in it. The issue is, not enough people yet know about it. So I must research marketing strategies. Anyone have suggestions? 😉 I would love to hear from you!!


Stacey Katheryn



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