When Pornography Blockers Take It Too Far

Elaborating on my blog title. I can’t look up the song “Pornstar Dancing by My Darkest Days” on Youtube, google, anything, Without this message:

“Content blocked due to pornography”

And yet, I CAN look up the song “Tonight I’m Fucking You by Enrique Iglesias”

And that video (the fully uncensored version) is full of all sorts of nudity and swearing (I love it)

On a similar note, I discovered from an elderly couple at the store I work in, who were looking for locally produced honey, that it is a bad idea to google the words “Local Honey”. I haven’t tested that theory- I’ve taken their word for that one, lol!

Yes, because anyone in their right minds would label clandestine porn online as “porn” when they want to hide that it is in fact, pornography. As I’m sure anyone who wanted to look up porn in secret is going to actually type the word “porn”. To find that video from My Darkest Days I had to type this: “My Darkest Days Por Lud” (Translation: My Darkest Days Pornstar Dancing featuring Ludacris) Hey, it worked.

At this point, I am very tempted to erase this blog but lets face it…. I’m human. We’re all human. I’d say it would ruin my reputation as an author, my wholesome fantasy series without violence, sex or swearing… but lets face it…. my books contain violence, swearing, and sex. Nothing gratuitous, mind you. I don’t just toss some violence or gore, or some raunchy sex scene in the middle of the book just to draw a crowd or attention or more readers. They apply to the scene/plot, thanks. And it’s not raunchy. The act and scenes apply to my characters and their personalities/relationships. Anyhow…. on to other topics….

Ah yes, I was going to originally write about songs I use to write to. But that’ll wait until tomorrow. I’m still working on my playlist.

Have a good night, everyone, namaste, and may your night be fun and filled with love!





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