Going Out On A Limb (I’ll pick out the splinters later)

OK, so I don’t know how productive it is to my career as an author to admit that I am dyslexic and have a photographic memory (most dyslexics do) so this is a somewhat awkward topic for me to decide to write about (the possible splinters I may need to pull from the flesh of my career later) but I am writing a blog about it because it is a situation that has caused many grievous moments for me, and as the sole author, main editor and the person in charge of the sixteen hundred different jobs that go into the book publishing process, from first draft to publishing and beyond… It can very well get in the way.

First off, I’m going to tell you what spawned my breakdown and sudden urge to write this blog, ignoring the six other topics I was originally going to choose from for tonight’s post. I am working on a somewhat interactive website for The Legends of Sangue (my series) (Check it out, so far it’s freakin awesome)  I say somewhat because there’s links to push to get to different character or book bios, not necessarily little animated- anything, lol. But it’s fun, its simple, it’s a riot and a half to write.

I am in the middle of pasting a disclaimer on each page (my original topic for tonight’s post, it’ll have to wait) and I decide to reread the synopsis for Blood of Darkness. Now giving you a bit of insight into me, I reread my writing, EVERYTHING (from novels, to emails to a note on a white board at work) at least six times, each time I see it for the next few hours to days, and occasionally from then on out (Yup, you guessed it, mild OCD).  This, in regards to novel writing and editing, is a godsend. This obsessive habit has saved my dyslexic ass I don’t know how many times.

This being my favorite synopsis of any I’ve written for this book over the years, or any I’ve written for ANY book period, I do rather enjoy rereading it occasionally. It contains the word “spilt” (No that’s not the reason I love it. Ok, so not ONLY the reason I love it. It’s such a dramatic variation of “spilled”, it sends tingles down my spine) BUT… Every single time I see the word, I read “split” It’s just how I see this word. I must go over the word three times before I see it correctly. Now, I know exactly what it says so I don’t bother forcing my brain to register it anymore in my synopsis, because I know what it says and I’ve already got the mental imagine in my mind.

You probably think I’m going to say I really did spell it “split” and didn’t notice for the longest time. If there is anything I am in ANY aspect of my life, it’s diligent.

But just a few words away, is a mistake I have overlooked for nearly a year now, since the synopsis was written. I was so busy focusing on ensuring “spilt” wasn’t “split”, that I wrote “breaths” where “breathes” should be, and NEVER noticed. Until now. I was rereading it, and somehow the mental images just didn’t click right (this, by the way, happens to be how I am able to edit my work. If what I read doesn’t flow together in my mind like a movie, as each word has a picture to it, I know to stop and search out the wrong word.) So I looked into it. BAM. There it was.

The worst part? I copy and pasted this synopsis from something. And I can’t remember what. So somewhere, in some public domain that I have my book description posted, is a typo. (I already checked the book description on Amazon. Nope.) Is this the end of the world? No, of course not. Does it ruin my night? No. Is it frustrating beyond hell? Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?

I can’t let this get to me, because one little typo, honestly, isn’t worth the frustration. I think I’m doing pretty damn good all things considered. And for anyone else in the same or similar boat, don’t let your frustrations get to you either. The best thing to do is correct it, smile, and move on. Let it go. It happens. Write a blog about it.

I’ll have more later, but for now, it’s dinner time 😉

Stacey ( I just spelled my own name Stacye, haha… perfect timing)

P.S. Really, check out my site for my series. It’s pretty nifty if I do say so myself. Tell me what you think! The Legends of Sangue


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4 responses to “Going Out On A Limb (I’ll pick out the splinters later)

  1. A fascinating insight Stacey. I believe you should write more about this subject as I think a surprising number of authors sit somewhere on this spectrum of OCD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia (I teach primary aged children; a child primarily diagnosed as being “dyslexic” may well be 40% dyslexic, 15% dyspraxic, 5% OCD etc etc). This article is a powerful piece that will resonate both with established writers and those budding authors currently sitting in our classrooms. Paul

    • Wow, thank you. I appreciate the comment. I wasn’t aware the statistics were so high, or that other authors were affected with the same issues. Perhaps I will write more on the topic, if it will help others 🙂

  2. Jay

    Is this the sentence you’re referring to: “As long as Electus still breaths, the risk of death is extreme”?!
    If the answer is yes, then this is the page where it’s written wrong: http://sangueseries.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/the-legend-begins/
    and probably it was wrong here too, but I checked it out and now it’s ok (even though google doesn’t agree with me… yet…):

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