The Magic of Fire in the Summertime

On my commute to return from the store in which I frequent as an employee, I drive down a one-way street leading to the mouth of downtown, where all the hustle and bustle of life in this city begins. My left turn is always a pause either for a lengthy red light, or pedestrians. It gives me time to look around.

On my right hand corner is a new restaurant, featuring indoor and outdoor seating. When open, they have flames that spit up in designated areas, in decoration both for a comforting, and tantalizing atmosphere.

On my far left is a very large hotel with a restaurant or something at the very, very top, which also sports decorative flames on all sides  at night.

I drive down this road in the dark quite often. A few times a week. During the summertime, when I see those flames, the hustle and bustle of fun-loving summer nighttime activity of people eating dinners, taking walks, having drinks, visiting shops… You name it. My thought is, every time I see those flames on both sides of me, a view of fiery glory in both corners of my vision- This is magical.

There is, to me, something downright magical about flames and fire in the summertime. How glorious, how beautiful it is that someone has lit a fire to brighten the atmosphere, lighten the mood, create glory and beauty despite the 100 degree weather outdoors. I remember finding myself wondering if those businesses kept their flames during the winter, and I found them so magical now during the summertime in the summer heat, how comforting would I find them then?

Honestly, not nearly as much as I thought I might. It just makes me miss the summer. It makes me miss the warmth, the love, the human companionship and the bustling activity of outdoor summer downtown life.

Yes, there is something to be said for outdoor ice skating and gorgeous Christmas lights and how every inch of downtown is lit up like a Christmas tree in the best time of year. Imagining myself walking down those streets, I feel like I’m living in the Dean Martin version of the song “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and the glory of that is something all in its own.

But being outdoors in the summertime, under the summer moon, seeing those flames so bright and lively, making the 100 degree weather worth it…

Well, I guess both scenes are equally magical. I suppose I should consider myself lucky to have such a beautiful commute from work at night and appreciate it no matter what. The Majesty of Christmas is upon us, and soon enough, the Majesty of summertime will once again be here too.



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