Christmas Blessings


My Christmas Blessings for the year 2012:

1. A brand new niece

2. Four other wonderful nieces that are and will always be my inspiration

3. The first snowflake on Christmas Eve so light you can see all six points of the ice crystal on your glove

4. Eggnog and coffee, and vegan Christmas cake

5. Destroyed bon bons in which turned into My Magical Coconutty Slivers of Life that people still loved

6. Seeing my grandparents again, which doesn’t happen nearly enough

7. Wonderful friends, family and followers

Thank you, everyone, all my dedicated readers and friends, for being part of my life! Have a very merry Christmas!!




* My Series: The Legends of Sangue *

* Purchase Blood of Darkness *

* Purchase Murder on her Mind *



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2 responses to “Christmas Blessings

  1. Beautiful post . . . I’m late on Merry Christmas, so Happy Boxing Day:-)

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