Where’s the emotion?

Where is the emotion?

Inside of me.

So why can’t I get it out in writing? What is my issue? I don’t understand.

Then again, maybe I do.

And trust me, it’s not writer’s block. I’m working on two blogs right now (this one and The Legends of Sangue), I have sixteen hundred thousand ideas flying around in my head, I know what to do with my current story, but when I sit down and actually write. It’s missing something. Something’s gone. What is it?


Trust me, I’m feeling plenty. Why I am unable at the moment to connect my emotions with my writing is beyond me. Perhaps I’m focusing too much on back story in book 3 that I’ve forgotten the emotion. Perhaps I’m not living in an atmosphere very conducive to writing (or sleep) and I’m just tired and interrupted all the time. Huh. Tired is a good word for it. Tired.


I would say it’s because I put a deadline on my writing. But pffft. Sometimes I work best on a deadline.

No, it’s all there, it’s all ready to be put into action, the words down on paper, the voice in the story, the emotion in the action the drama in the tale. It’s all there.

Inside of me.

Why can’t I get it out?

Such melodrama.

Well, I’m off to work. (Work stress? Another possibility.)

Have a beautiful day!





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2 responses to “Where’s the emotion?

  1. I often had the same problem. I guess I like to rush through the melodrama in my own life, so it’s hard to put it on paper too. But my editor makes me;-)

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