And The Rumor Mill Runneth Over



It is beyond my comprehension why some people must talk, even when they have nothing but their own made up lies to speak about. Why some insist on filling some void in their every day lives with gossip and gross misleadings that carelessly destroy or damage someone else’s reputation or dignity, how can somebody be so careless with their words so as to cause such harm?

We were born with the gift to speak and the gift of thought to accompany it. It is in our nature to talk of one another, even when that person isn’t there. “I wonder how so-and-so is doing today”, or “I’m so happy for so-and-so” etc. etc. etc. If we didn’t talk about one another, how would anyone communicate their feelings? If we all fell out of one another’s minds the moment we left their sight? How horrible would life be then?

I mentioned being gifted with thought. I utterly wish more people would put to good use such a gift before they spoke, and paid more attention to whom they spoke around. I am sick of the rumors. I am sick of people talking about me behind my back.

Of course, hearing through the grapevine what has been said of me, really makes me more aware of whom I could trust and whom I could not if things really did get as tough as they’ve been saying they apparently are for me.  I would be wary of it’s legitimacy,  hearing this through the grapevine, but the person who told me truly believed it and was truly concerned for me, and the only person willing to speak about it to my face. Oh yes, and was a child.

Because I love rumors about my love life being reflected back to me through a child. (Note giant sarcasm sign in glowing letters. Oh here, I found one for demonstration purposes)


What hurts is finding out where these rumors originated from (and, who is most spreading them) and discover it is someone you trusted.

Ideally, my business is my own. If it involves another person, such as in a relationship, OUR business is OURS. It involves no one else. I would appreciate it if, when talking about it behind my back, you consult me first on the details- that would be great.  Then at least I can make up all the juicy untrue details myself that I want everyone to think they know, and not look like a flake or failure in front of somebody who means a lot to me, and looks up to me. Because finding out that someone else’s rumors have slightly diminished the respect you receive from someone who looks up to you, is slightly devastating, and humiliating to boot. I hope I cleared up the matter. At least enough for one more person in this world to realize that talking about someone behind their backs and spreading rumors  is rarely accurate, and never ok.

As for confronting those who made them up? What’s the use? Chances are I’ll just later be hearing about all the things I didn’t say, and that just makes my day.





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