The Silver Lining

I need some opinions. Amongst this somewhat difficult day a silver lining has appeared- Destroyed, book 3, is done!!

Like, finished. Written. On its final edit. On my Kindle, even 😉

Leading me to ask your opinion (please do not be shy about giving it, I know this blog actually gets read)

Would you rather;

1. Wait until the 31st of March for me to publish Destroyed, so I can give you a full month worth of snippets on Destroyed like I did with Blood of Darkness and Murder on her Mind,


2. Screw a full month, gimme half a month and publish the book on the 13th like originally planned!!

I’m not sure which one I’m leaning toward yet, but it was an unexpectedly good thing, and as always, I am more than eager to share my work. Thanks!



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One response to “The Silver Lining

  1. Option number 2 for me… 😉

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