Let The Silence Commence!

Well, upon request- or rather, quest– for opinion (regarding when you all would like to see me publish book 3, the 13th or 31st) I have received one, and it was a unanimous….


So that I shall do,

That…   I shall do.

Anyway, that gives me less than a week to finish editing (I’m halfway done with the FINAL edit, hip hip hooray!) and it shall be available for purchase on 13th, March, 2013!!!

I’m already beginning the edit/rewrites on book four, and having a blast doing it!

Thank you, one and all, for your opinion, and everyone check back for updates. Don’t forget to read snippets of book 3 here: Destroyed, Book Three of The Legends of Sangue

Have a wonderful day, my friends!!




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2 responses to “Let The Silence Commence!

  1. I didn’t know my opinions had so much power… that’s cool, well, actually it’s freaking awesome!!! 😀
    Can I rule the world now?! 😛
    Ok, ok, just kidding… or maybe not… who knows… 😉

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