The Great World Around Us


I wish I could say I took that picture, because that would mean I was in a place better than where I’m at now, but it’s sadly not so.

What do I mean by “better than here”? I simply mean that sitting in a dark room, watching yet another snow storm out my window threaten to damage power lines and block roads is not my idea of a good time.Ā  The snow is beauty, yes, the world’s way of dusting the ground with glittering moisture, the majestic scene unfolding before my eyes that turns our grey winter city white for just a little while.

I know I sound quite contradictory. The snow is beautiful, big flakes lightly touching down, perhaps even a present from the sky. But here on the ground it isn’t appreciated as well as it should be, and I’ll be the first to admit I appreciate it less than many.

Gentle snowfalls like this should be appreciated for its lack of destruction and its gift of moisture to our dry earth. When I was a child, I loved the snow. We rarely got it in the north western area of the country, more so getting four seasons of rain, so when we did get it, it was always thick and fun and a special treat.

It’s March 16th, and I was truly hoping spring was finally here. Yesterday, I didn’t even need a coat. And I’m still trying to determine the point of this post.

People tell me if I hate the cold this much, I’m living in the wrong part of the country. Maybe they’re right. A place where there is more winter than spring and summer, autumn is overlooked entirely and three layers are often needed to survive the night- perhaps it’s not for me. But I’m here and I’m not leaving for awhile.

And trust me, I enjoy the summers while they’re here. My best life memories (discounting Christmas) took place in the summer times. And maybe my problem is I’ve always lived in old places with inadequate heating arrangements. Maybe there is a way to enjoy winter as much as I enjoy summer, to adapt, to find the glory that is the majesty of winter. I have yet to find it. But I’ll keep looking. As I write this, I am finding the snowy scene outside my window a little more beautiful than I had before beginning this post. So I guess I am on the right track.

But really, is there anything better than the world warm enough to go outdoors and enjoy? The warmth of the sun on your back, the smell of blooming flowers, the ripple of the heat in the air, no winter boots to hurt your feet, time to be yourself, to feel alive.

God I miss summer.

Oh well, if all goes well, this snow will soon turn to rain, will soon turn to sun.

I look forward to it.



P.S. For updates on the status of newly published Destroyed, go here!



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6 responses to “The Great World Around Us

  1. Let’s hope spring will wait a little (but not that little) longer!!! I know weather is still pretty cold there, but it’s almost perfect here!!! Maybe we should switch places…
    Oh, by the way, tomorrow it should be snowing here too…

  2. Move to Florida!!! That’s where I am, and love it:-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you for warmer weather!

    • You’re lucky! I do think I need to find a place a little closer to the equator, lol. Thanks! All the snow melted today, but it’s still cold and so windy it’s making the neighbor’s metal fence creak and that started about three o’clock last night, lol. Talk about a freaky sound to wake up to!! “Crrrreeeaaaaaakkkkkkkk….”

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